Andrew Kahane brings over twenty-five years of experience and expertise to the appraisal and consulting fields. A highly developed database and in- house reference libraries of archival and current materials for purposes of art historical, market and provenance research make Andrew Kahane, Ltd. a unique choice for all Asian art appraisal and consulting projects.

Appraisals for the purpose of:

  • Insurance
  • Museum donations
  • Estates
  • Fair market valuations
  • Institutional and private deaccessioning  
  • Property division
  • Art historical and provenance research

We appraise both individual works of art and entire collections. Our formal written appraisals include detailed referencing to comparable works of art and a signed affidavit stating our credentials and attesting to the contents of the list. 

Consulting and collections management for the purpose of:

  • Institutional and private representation at auction internationally
  • Buying and selling privately
  • Investment funds
  • Insurance adjusting
  • Restoration, conservation and installation of single works of art and collections

We specialize in Chinese ceramics, jades, sculpture, bronzes and works of art with a further specialization in Indian and Southeast Asian sculpture. As a result of our many years of experience in the field of Asian art and the large network of professional specialists we are associated with, we are prepared to handle your appraisal and consulting needs for all areas of East and Southeast Asian art.